Arm Bow Corrector

The arm bow corrector for violin, viola and violoncello is a helping device for training the correct arm bow movement that should go orthogonal to the strings. The concept was invented, developed and patented as early as the 1980‘s.

Before, the abc was made of metal. The many individual work steps and the resulting high production costs were the main reason for the redesign. By choosing an injection molding manufacturing method it was possible to increase the number of items significantly. Beside a more modern appearance the new design resulted in a considerably lower production cost.

Packaging & variations

With only three sizes the abc fits all sizes of violins, violas and violoncelli. The abc for children‘s violins (sizes 1/10 - 1/2) comes in the colors ponk amd light- blue, the white abc is suitable for 3/4 and 4/4 violins, violas and 1/16 celli and for larger celli (sizes 3/4 & 4/4) there is an abc with different proportions and an additional fastening band. System D also designed the product logo and a packaging concept for display packaging as well as secondary packaging and shipment packaging.